An analysis of the events following an earthquake in the gujarat state of western india

For the kutch region of the north-western portion of gujarat, india seismic hazard maps were developed for each of the 3 models for 2% and 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years. Abstract although local and regional instrumental recordings of the devastating 26, january 2001, bhuj earthquake are sparse, the distribution of macroseismic effects can provide important constraints on the mainshock ground motions. Gujarat is a state in western india, which, like many population centers in india, is urbanizing rapidly coverage, adverse events following immunization (aefi), and notifiable diseases in addition, we directly data collection and analysis.

Earthquake history in peninsula india the state of gujarat, along with maharashtra and madhya pradesh, has suffered from frequent earthquakes, both deadly and damaging, although not located on or near any plate boundaries. Earthquake records recently, though its applicability is limited it is also a well-known fact that in most cases site amplifi- cation/shaking is stronger in low shear-wave velocity areas. The earthquake is centred in the western state of gujarat and the epicentre was about 20 km from the town of bhuj the earthquake has been felt very extensively with people in calcutta, kathmandu and chennia also feeling the shocks. Injury epidemiology after the 2001 gujarat earthquake in india: a retrospective analysis of injuries treated at a rural hospital in the kutch district immediately after the disaster.

Earthquake was felt as far as nepal and in pakistan, its most heavy destruction was in the state of gujarat the death toll stands at over 20,000 and about 167,000 people have been injured. Keeping the above in view, we present an analysis based on the study of 48 bi-allelic markers in nine indo-european speaking tribal groups of southern gujarat which lies in the western part of india. The m w 76 bhuj earthquake in gujarat, western india, which occurred on 2001 january 26 was a major intraplate event in the indian subcontinent to study the characteristics of transient post-seismic deformation at the earth's surface, to elucidate the distribution of strain accumulation rate and so understand the earthquake recurrence process. This dissertation analyzes recovery efforts in the town of bhuj in the state of gujarat in western india after a devastating earthquake of magnitude mw 77 on january 26, 2001.

State of art probabilistic seismic hazard analysis a detailed catalogue of historical and recent seismicity within 350 km radius around the city has been compiled and new seismotectonic map has been generated for the region. A powerful earthquake rocked the western state of gujarat in india at 08:46 hours (indian standard time) on the 26 th january 2001 the earthquake was estimated by usgs to have a moment magnitude. On 26 january 2001, a severe earthquake (mw 79, international seismological centre) struck northeastern india (mainly gujarat)the earthquake, located by isc at 23442°n, 70310°e at a depth of 16 km, occurred on the kachchh peninsula, which has a long history of strong earthquakes (egbapat et al 1983) close to the cities of bhuj and anjar known as the bhuj earthquake, this event has.

Bhuj earthquake and numerous other historic earthquakes concentrated in this part of the indian plate, we have developed a viscoelastic finite element model to simulate the stress state within the lithosphere of western india. Abstract: gujarat state is situated in the western most part of india and has the longest coastline of 1600 km facing the arabian sea historically the coastline has been affected by tsunami waves with the latest one being the 1945 makran tsunami which had run up height of 11 m along the gulf of kachchh coastline. The gujarat earthquake was the most powerful to strike india since 15 august 1950, when an 85 magnitude quake killed 1,538 people in the northeastern assam state the recent quake was also very similar to the powerful, 83 magnitude earthquake which struck the gujarat region in 1919 and killed about 2,500 people.

An analysis of the events following an earthquake in the gujarat state of western india

The train from gujarat brought with it to lucknow hundreds of migrant labourers from up who had for many years made the western state their home most nursed sad stories in their hearts, some had. Reflecting the global phenomenon of adjustment between the roles of the state, the private sector and civil society, the gujarat earthquake demonstrates changing patterns in aid response. Gujarat is a prosperous state in western india with a per capita income higher than the all-india average, and is the most industrialized after the neighboring state of maharashtra. Onlookers gather around the bodies of passengers who had been travelling in a truck that plunged off a bridge in bhavnagar district, about 200km from ahmedabad in india's western gujarat state, on.

The last damaging earthquake of mw 60 (intensity exceeding 5, about 250 earthquakes of magnitude ³ 40 and ix) prior to the most recent mw 77 2001 bhuj event over 2500 earthquakes of magnitude ≥ 3 have occurred in occurred along the katrol hill fault near anjar, gujarat in the region. Gujarat (/ ˌ ɡ ʊ dʒ ə ˈ r ɑː t / gujarat [ˈɡudʒəɾɑt] ( listen)) is a state in western india and northwest india with an area of 196,024 km 2 (75,685 sq mi), a coastline of 1,600 km (990 mi) – most of which lies on the kathiawar peninsula – and a population in excess of 60 million it is the sixth largest indian state by area and the ninth largest state by population. In our visit to the state of gujarat, which is situated in the western part of india, we explored and investigated three different kinds of disasters: earthquake, drought, and riots the two.

Earthquakes dhori: cracks on a salt marsh can be seen on this aerial view of the epicentre of the recent earthquake near dhori village some 20 km (12 miles) from bhuj in the western indian state of gujarat, saturday feb 3, 2001. The area is covering the kutch district of gujarat state of india having total geo- the western india the geo-techtonic activities are scattered in the landscape of this to earthquake event (fig 10) fig 6 soil map of the study area 430 k ganguly et al. The political biography of an earthquake aftermath and amnesia in gujarat, india edward simpson a vivid, subtle and disturbing account of what people do in the aftermath of a major natural disaster, this book will change your way of thinking about such calamities and their impact on the human spirit. The following year, a three-day period of violence between hindus and muslims in the western indian state of gujarat, known as the 2002 gujarat riots, spread to ahmedabad refugee camps were set up around the city.

an analysis of the events following an earthquake in the gujarat state of western india Major earthquake, which occurred on 25 january 2001 in india's western state of gujarat, near the pakistan border more than 30,000 people were killed by this quake and at least 30,000 more people.
An analysis of the events following an earthquake in the gujarat state of western india
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